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Orion Project Consultancy Services (OPCS) are built to deliver project and programme management excellence by providing you with a successful strategy, along with the added value of significant programme and project recovery experience on its resume.

OPCS are not just about preventing the problems or helping suppliers and clients recover from them- it’s about the full service and delivery offering. It is with that in mind that all the business principles have been selected. Our core strengths:

  • Leadership
  • Project Controls
  • Programme Management
  • Extensive Industry & Supply Chain Knowledge
  • Project Initiations
  • Third Party Management
  • Legal consultation

The team has over 40 years’ experience within the rail and construction industry and are able to offer a full comprehensive service offering to clients with a high level of knowledge and experience in;

  • Business start-up
  • Growth both Organically & Acquisitions
  • Commercial Management & Contracting
  • Rail Systems
  • Rail Specialist & Safety Critical Projects
  • Rail Systems Engineering
  • Integration & Interface Management
  • Performance Modelling
  • Impact Analysis
  • Value Management

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